Company Overview

Ventura Cannabis and Wellness (VCAN) is a vertically integrated, California-based products cannabis company*. The Company is currently building out its distribution channel through revenue sharing agreements with owner-operator of cannabis dispensaries to ensure it’s products get premium shelf space. The Company plans to target four significant segments in the U.S. cannabis and CBD market with products suited to their needs: senior citizens, upwardly mobile middle-aged professionals and individuals suffering from addiction. These segments desire discrete and well-designed products as well as the accurate dosage of THC. The Company launched into the cannabis industry after a shareholder vote in April 2019 approving the change in business from addiction treatment to cannabis. 

*Subject to closing of California assets currently under contract

Market Landscape

Jefferies cannabis analyst  expects the global legal cannabis industry to grow from $12B (retail sales) 2018 to $45B 2027 ($17B medical, $28B recreational).

Investor Presentation

Ventura Cannabis and Wellness Snapshot as of May 27, 2019

    • VCAN will have a cash balance of $2.15M after closing purchase agreements under contract, with a further $4M in leverageable assets.
    • Executed Purchase Agreements to acquire $1.75M of projected annual revenue from dispensaries under contract*.
    • Signed purchase agreement with vertically integrated California Cannabis product company with estimated annual revenues of $750,000 with a potential to generate $12M in annual revenues at full capacity.
    • Several applications are being prepared and submitted to obtain dispensing licenses in California. The Company also has a deep pipeline of acquisition targets in California with executed LOIs, purchase agreements, and closed transactions totaling an estimated $9M in annual revenue*.
    • VCAN is operationally cash-flow positive and adding cash to the Balance Sheet from annuity-like payments derived from drug rehabilitation operations.
    • Database of thousands of former rehabilitation clients whose recovery could be aided by the specialized products the Company plans to produce.

*Forward looking revenue estimates are based upon managements due diligence of the acquisition targets. The Company is currently awaiting regulatory approval and lease completion before closing the transactions.

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